Martin Oetting

Past: Dr. Martin Oetting has helped build the Word-of-Mouth Marketing firm trnd for over a decade, and also wrote his doctoral dissertation about Word of Mouth. He used to give speeches on the subject, too – sometimes they were even entertaining (DE|EN). His blog ConnectedMarketing was one of the leading marketing blogs in the early days of Social Media in Germany.
Martin left trnd and the marketing field in early 2016.

Present: Today he's building Omnipolis Media, a political media company:
  • Kaffee & Kapital: His first big project was Kaffee & Kapital, a one-year public discussion (2017, in German) about the state of our democracies and the future of capitalism and democracy.
  • vollehalle: The second project is "vollehalle", a political entertainment project that looks at the state of the world and what to do about it, against the backdrop of climate change. It was conceived and developed jointly with Kai Schächtele, and premiered in 2017. In 2019, an expanded team has been working on the show, and its latest revised version is part of the 2019 Re:publica conference.
  • Wellbeing Economies Film (working title): Thirdly, he has begun writing, filming and producing a documentary feature film about political pioneers who will help lead our world economy away from its self-destructive growth course.
Further projects are currently in development. (In 2016, Martin also released a hobby project — "Smartphone Zombies", his first animated film — through Omnipolis. And there'll always be hobby projects.)

Miscellaneous: He sometimes likes to draw, or publish random ramblings on the Internet -- on Twitter, for instance (mostly in German, sometimes in English, very rarely in French or Italian). jon tufty is his alter ego for all things music.