Martin Oetting

After spending a few years in advertising (1999-2004), Martin helped develop and build the practice of 'word-of-mouth consumer goods marketing' in Germany and Europe (between 2004 and 2016); he also wrote his doctoral dissertation about word of mouth (2009). His blog was one of the leading marketing blogs in the early days of social media in Germany. Martin left the marketing field in early 2016.

Today, he is building Omnipolis Media, a political media company. His main projects (past and present):

  • BLOG-BASED ONLINE DEBATE: Website: "Kaffee & Kapital" (German only) — Martin's first major Omnipolis project, the company's starting point — a one-year public discussion (planned for 2017/2018, eventually continued until the end of 2019), about the state of our societies and the future of capitalism and democracy. It helped provide some of the intellectual foundations for the on-going work of Omnipolis Media.
  • MULTIMEDIA SHOW FORMAT: Website: "vollehalle" (German only) — vollehalle looks at the state of the world and what to do about it, against the backdrop of climate change. Martin conceived and developed the show jointly with Kai Schächtele, it premiered in 2017. In late 2018/early 2019, the two expanded the team and went on a 15-show German tour in the summer and autumn of 2019. A completely new version was then developed and produced for 2020, it premiered in collaboration with Igor Levit at Futurium on March 6th, just before the Covid lockdown. Due to the pandemic, the 2020 tour was cancelled. The team created a revised and shortened version for the online-only re:publica conference 2020. For the 2021 online-only re:publica, the team contributed its "vollehalle Klimaausschuss". The team also produced a few smaller online-only/commissioned works during the pandemic. Martin is a co-writer and one of the performers. The team has returned to performing live in 2022, doing fifteen shows around the country, including a special event in Berlin on November 3rd, which also featured four live bands and live guests on stage.
  • FEATURE-LENGTH DOCUMENTARY FILM: Website: "Wellbeing Economies.Film" (working title) — since 2018, Martin has been writing, directing, editing and co-producing this documentary about two political pioneers who are helping lead our world away from its troubling obsession with GDP growth. We expect the film to come out in 2023.