New at Omnipolis Media: Nick Scholey

Nick-Omnipolis-profile-picEarly last year, my friend Scott got a small group of people together, in order to work on a little short film project. I didn’t expect much from it at the time, it seemed like a fun little thing to do, nothing more. Turns out, these fun little projects can change your life. Through the project, I met the guy in the photo. And at the beginning of the year, he joined this company as a director of photography, editor, music producer, and all around artist and permanent employee of the month. We are currently working on finishing that short film we began working on a year ago, we are preparing to shoot a documentary film, and to develop commercial projects, and we’re getting ready to work on vollehalle again, once we have secured new gigs and opportunities. And there are more projects in store. I am incredibly excited about what 2018 will bring for this little company — and I am really grateful that Nick is on board!

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