Show Reel: Omnipolis Journey 2018-2019

At the beginning of 2018, Martin Oetting and Nick Scholey joined forces at Omnipolis Media, to develop transformative storytelling through moving images. We have come a long way since then – we have embarked on an ambitious documentary feature film project, we have shot music videos, and we have helped develop, evolve and transform the German-language climate change show “vollehalle“. And in countless ways, we have built and honed our skills. This short film provides a visual summary of the many things we have worked on in the past two years. We are grateful for everyone who has been with us on this journey, and we are excited to continue our crazy ride. Have fun watching this!

Nick Scholey: Director, Director of Photography, Editing, Post-Production, Music and Sound Design.
Martin Oetting: Producer, Additional Camera.

All footage has been shot by us, except for a space and a drone shot from Storyblocks, and the path from Space to Earth was realised in post-production with Google Earth imagery.

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