New Song: “Civilisation”

We call it civilisation, yet it burns the trees, the air, the world. We think we are civilised, yet we scream and shout and bring out the guns when refugees are coming to our shores, in need of help. Is it all just a lie?


Civilisation is a dangerous mutt
One half an orchid, too pretty to cut
The other half a monster, fire in the gut
Rampaging soulless, feeding your glut

Civilisation is a horrible beast
It kills all the beauty while it begs you to feast
Endlessly skillful, aiming to please
And the heavens are burning, with the clouds and the trees


Here my good friend, have this painting or two.
Here’s to the author, says so well what we do.
That’s quite a whiskey – I did not have a clue!
And there’s the election, my vote shall be true.


Civilisation hides the beast in us all
A mask made of paper, ready to fall
Enlightened and gentle, we shine like the sun
Then boats come to shore and it all comes undone

Civilisation cheats within and without
Brainwashing babies, making us proud
Talking of values, then screaming our hate
Don’t know what we are, and is it too late?


I recorded this on my iPhone again, and then did some tweaking on GarageBand on my Mac. Carla Tarnawski made the drawing.


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