Let’s Stop the Content Marketing Bullshit, Please.

I can’t hear it anymore, really. All those marketers thinking they need to be in the content production business, “aligning their content” (whatever that is) with “target groups” and “publishing audiences”. Eagerly sucking up articles that begin with sentences like this:

“You’ve probably noticed that it’s becoming rather difficult to make your content stand out from the digital noise.”

Marketers, I have news for you: you are the noise. And there is hardly anything you can do to change that. Because you don’t produce fine texts and engaging films and beautiful (or horrible) pictures to enlighten, inform, or inspire people. You create content to Sell. More. Shit. And that makes your content noise, by definition.

(If you don’t create content to sell more stuff, you are delusional about your work, and you should quit your job. You work in marketing, for crying out loud.)

In marketing, we have only two chances with content: One, search deep inside your company for the few true stories that you actually have about your work. Search for people who have something to say, who have a point of view about what your company is making. Who have an inside story to tell, from behind the scenes, about why there are things happening in your company that may be different from other companies. Stories which may be interesting for people who really care. Stories really about you. And not about what you think you ought to be saying to “cut through the noise”. Stop trying to be something you are not.

And two, use your clients’/customers’/consumers’ stories about you. They will most likely be infinitely more relevant, interesting, authentic, touching than anything you can think up yourselves in a strategy meeting. The people who buy from you have something to say about you that may actually be interesting.

So let’s stop all the other content marketing bullshit. It’s simply getting on people’s nerves. And if not now, then it definitely will in the long run.


  1. I agree and really like that post by means of its content. But I also like the tonality and manner of your writing, because it creates the impression of READING CAPSLOCK aka BEING YELLED AT ALL THE TIME, even though it’s in disguise. ;)

    May your voice be heard. Ciao, Dottore!


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