Are We Obsessed With Our Own Photos on Screens Because We Are Afraid to Live Gloriously?

Mankind has now become officially obsessed with itself on screens. Why is that?

I think it is because screens are the interface on which we also consume stories told by skilled storytellers – filmmakers, photographers – who make their characters look larger than life. Film and photography are capable of creating heroes and making human tragedies and success stories look amazingly attractive to us.

So in a nutshell, it may be a mental mistake that we are making? Do we want to appear as attractive to ourselves as these fictional characters by appearing in a similar limited screen rectangle? Are we so delighted at seeing ourselves in the screen context of great heroes and adventurous characters? Are we feeling that being on a screen makes us similar to them – and the cooler the filter, the better the effect? It makes us look greater, grander, larger than we appear to be to ourselves in our normal daily lives, off screen. A friend of mine told me the other day that research has shown that teenagers and twens no longer go to clubs and parties in order to have a good time. They go there to take photos which allow them to tell others that they are having a good time. I am not kidding. The primary objective that many young people have going to any event or occasion of whatever sort is now to take photos of themselves there. Not for the event itself.

In other words: rather than living gloriously, we hope to just look glorious.

Is it because we are afraid to actually live gloriously?

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