Applause to Biz Stone. Finally, someone writes a good company newsletter!

I have been asking myself about 4,000 times (rough estimate) why marketing people believe in HTML-newsletters. Built by a machine, always beginning with the same telltale “introduction” that says “Having trouble viewing this email? View in browser”. To me, this is just about the most ineffective way of approaching your fellow human beings, on a channel that to them (still) ought to be highly personal.

When a newsletter begins with that link to the web version of the same newsletter, in 98% of all cases I delete that email without even opening it. A company sending such a newsletter is essentially screaming at me: “WE DON’T DO RELATIONSHIP, THIS IS MASS ADVERTISING, DRESSED UP IN AN EMAIL.” If you are trying to get people to like you, and take an interest in you, that may not be the best way to go about things.

Now I just got my first newsletter from the Super App folks. Well, it did not come from “the Super App folks”, it came from Biz Stone, one of the founders (also co-founder of Twitter). He not only wrote a very relatable and interesting email, text-only, completely free of bullshit advertising HTML and imagery, he also ended it with this in a P.S.:

This is not an HTML email that’s all fake and generated by a machine. I hope you know that I write this email update to you every Sunday from my home and I’m happy to do it.

I do – now. And from this day onwards, I shall look forward to receiving newsletters from him. Unlike most other newsletters that I receive.

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