“And then the song walks out the door, and goes off to have a life of its own.”

Mark Knopfler made a new record – “Tracker” – and this is a little Making-Of. I would like to work the way these guys seem to be working. Deliberately, with focus, and peace.

Guy Fletcher: “On this album, Mark wanted to use tape for everything. Literally everything.”

Mark Knopfler: “If I’d had to make a living as a guitar player, I don’t know whether I would have managed that very much, and I think the band let me get away with stuff – because I’m the guy who wrote the song. It’s not quite the same as being a musician. That’s a whole other thing.”

Did I mention that Mark Knopfler, for better or worse, has been my primary musical influence since I was 16 years old?


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