An Interview With A Friend Who Voted For Trump

I just had a Facebook conversation with an American friend who voted for Trump. I’ll call her Mary, and her husband John — she agreed that I can publish it if I don’t give away their names. Here is what we talked about:

Mary: This was the most difficult & agonizing vote John & I have ever cast. I despise Bill & Hillary Clinton so rather than risk Hillary winning we voted for Trump. Our country is a mess but we have many family & friends in the military we don’t trust Hillary to not turn her back on our soldiers like Benghazi. We are in deep prayer for our nation and that God will hear our prayers and bring good out of what some people think is intended for evil. Time will tell.

Me: The world is shocked. I firmly believe that Trump has a bad character. He is an unstable, dangerous man, someone, who will bring much bad into the world, and solve none of the problems that you or other righteous Americans may have. We are flabbergasted, scared, hopeless.

Many people here cannot understand how Trump could get elected.

Mary: He got elected because the people are so disgusted with our political system. He never should have been the top republican candidate. We had better choices that were passed up because we are so divided.

Me: What can happen so that America can find its way again?

Mary: It’s a terrible thing to say but maybe he will get assassinated and the Vice President will be an improvement.

Me: And very telling that someone who voted for him says so.
I’m glad we’re having this conversation. Everyone here thinks that there is some type of yonder world in the USA, of people who are beyond rhyme and reason, who did this. Yet that would be too easy. And too weird. Nobody gets elected president entirely beyond rhyme and reason. Which makes this choice even more baffling.

Mary: This election was more about making sure Hillary didn’t get in. That is why many people voted for Trump. It was trying to choose the lesser of two evils. Had the Democratic Party chosen someone other than Hillary, Trump would not have won.

Me: Why do so many people hate her so much?

Mary: She has proven that she cannot be trusted. So has her husband. She rigged the primary election, that was proven & she got away with it.

Me: But how can Trump be trusted? He does not pay people who have worked for him. He has lied and lied and lied. He is outsourcing work to China and then talking about making America great again. He says this today, and the opposite tomorrow. What makes him preferable to Hillary?

Mary: Only that what he does is more publicly available. Hopefully his advisers, the House & Senate can keep him under control. There are no easy answers.

If you believe in prayer please pray for our country as the consequences of this election unfold.

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